Captain Taylor Turn 2

Your research about the arrest of Colm suggests that INSCOM know nothing about it - or at least they are not admitting to anything! The FBI press office say that they did field a few queries about the incident, but, to be honest, a non fatal shooting in New York, even one involving the law enforcement agencies, is hardly newsworthy. Especially when the victim was subsequently committed to a secure unit, and the firearm he used was unregistered! How you present this to Hames and the rest of the organization is your problem though...

Your FBI contact reports that Miss Malcolm is out of the office at the moment, investigating a theft at the Miskatonic University. However, a few extensions later, you end up talking to an FBI lawyer. He advises that since the Glasser case revolves around the twin questions of identity and the legality of his arrest, your actions are hardly likely to be a problem. Since the arrest was perfectly above board ("probable cause" given by the presence of several dead bodies in an unregistered mortuary), and since the question of identity has nothing to do with your arrest, you have essentially a free hand. They quite cheerfully send you the letter you ask for denying your request for an interview which you then show to Hames in order to justify your existence.

Hames has organized a small office suite for The Review, partly because he feels it presents a better image, and partly because Allen Bhrunt is still having legal problems with a mail fraud allegation and Hames felt it best to move all Review material out from Bhrunt's offices. Still, the bulletin board got quite lively over this flagrant and continued abuse of process by the secret Zionist masters of the US!

Inquiries reveal that Glasser has a high powered New York lawyer, Mr. Charles Saddler, backed up by a team of researchers, partly based in Europe. It's quite an organization for a small town coroner to fund. Their main thrust seems to be to try and discredit the "proof" being offered by the British Government concerning Glasser's identity.

Initial inquires don't get much response, but Hames has decided to make a generous contribution to the fighting fund, and that seems to make things much more friendly. The responses to your questions for Dr Glasser come back via Mr. Saddler as:

"No back ups of the data are easily accessible. The best source of data is the notebooks. Mr. Glasser says that his computer was backed up on a three monthly basis by the same people as installed the security system, and they held the backups." A telephone number is provided. Reading between the lines, you also suspect that the data may have been passed to at least one Government organization in return for technical supplies and assistance.

"How would you continue my work? You wouldn't. Not unless you had full copies of my notes and were a fully qualified research pathologist. My work was at a very preliminary stage and was focussed towards the treatment of paraplegics by bypassing damaged nerves electronically."

"My role during the Second World War was as a medical doctor, as I'm sure that the extradition trial will prove. I served my country at Dulag Luft for two years, where I treated many downed British airmen, and I was then transferred to Auschwitz. There I was responsible for treating the effects of malnutrition, high explosives and genetic deformity brought about by the continual allied bombardment of civilian targets and supplies. I deny completely any involvement or complicity in any of the experiments performed by my superiors."

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