Captain Taylor Turn 1: "Review of the Review"

The meeting of "The Review" at the end of November was not as well organised as usual. The older members grumbled about the lack of detail, but their questions were not answered until the end of meeting when Peter Hames stood to give the farewell speech.

"Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to apologise for the untidiness surrounding this meeting. As some of you may know, our long-standing secretary Mr Colm, was hospitalised yesterday as a result of an FBI operation. Once again the Zionist conspiracy strikes through the Federal government! We will be looking into taking strenuous legal action against the perpetrators. In the meantime, we have a more pressing matter. I have, in agreement with the rest of the council, accepted the post of secretary on a temporary basis. However, I will need an assistant to undertake some of the more mundane work. Anybody interested should talk to me after the meeting."

Hames' speech continues on in more general terms for more than twenty minutes, but your mind is far away, planning, constructing. One of the techniques of an interrogator is to be able to put himself into the subject's place and think like he does.

The subsequent interview went well. Although there were a couple of other candidates, your established background gave you the edge, and you find yourself with your first, unofficial, task as assistant secretary; backdate your own membership! Your second task was to organise proper medical attention for Colm. The preliminary reports on his condition are that he has been mostly catatonic since the shooting. The only thing he has been heard to mutter is something about the "past come to life".

Time passes...

Hames rings you one day and announces that the December newsletter is overdue, and what are you doing about it? Although there are a few articles, you end up writing a pair of filler articles (albeit with the assistance of an FBI expert). It goes down well, and your endeavours do not go unnoticed.

"I'm very impressed with your work, " says Hames over the phone. "The newsletter was the best yet, and liked your article on the continued Zionist infiltration of the Federal government. Because of that, I have a number of things that you might want to look into. The FBI assault on our colleague has gone largely unreported by the media. This seems odd. There is also the case of a one of our other members, Dr Henry Glasser. It seems that the same team that assaulted Colm arrested him and destroyed much of his work. Dr Glasser currently fighting an extradition order initiated by the British government. I would like to help Dr Glasser; he's an important link with the past. I would also like to know what he was doing. He was at Dulag Luft, and he was a medical doctor at various of the internment camps."

"See what you can find out."

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