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A word of warning to the purists: my fanfic is definitely not canon.

  1. I have a technological plot device to explain why there's precisely one team of five teenagers trying to save the world.
  2. My backplot is pretty non-standard. For a start, the team weren't brought up together from childhood by Anderson. My team didn't come together until they were a lot older. And they're much more international than in most versions.
  3. I'm English. The spelling and punctuation's all British.
  4. I don't do Zark. (You may now cheer.)

Also, I'm not a medical expert, I know nothing about martial arts, and I can barely tell one end of a plane from the other (and good though Google is, it does have its limitations). I'm a theoretical physicist turned computer programmer. You know how they say "write what you know"? My universe has a lot more problems solved by science, investigation and intuition than by nifty combat moves. Having said that, if I've written something in an area you know about and have got it wrong, please let me know. Not only will I be highly delighted to hear from you, I'll quiz you on how I should have done it, and then I'll fix it.

I'm not too clear on the rating system - but there's no sex, very little (mostly implied) violence, but some (mild) swearing. People die and get hurt in my universe. I doubt very much whether anything I write would offend an adult or a teenager - but a younger child might learn some new words and/or ask you some awkward questions afterwards :-) I do have profanity-free versions (Jason says "drat" a lot!) since my kids like to read what I write - available via email on request. I consider the subject matter of "Sam's Tale" unsuitable for children, even though it's not explicit. The somewhat overblown warnings are really only because many people know I have preteen kids who read my fanfic, so they don't automatically assume everything's G-rated.

Anything where the title is indented is a satellite story. This generally means that it's based around a minor original character, features the team only peripherally, and develops the background rather than advancing the plot.

Stories are listed in chronological order (not necessarily the order I wrote them in, but probably the best order to read them in)

Cath's BOTP universe. If you're interested in who, what and why my version of the team are, it's in here. This is a description of my universe at the start of the TV series, which comes some time after Reconstruction. The team's structure before then is, um, a bit different.

The next two short stories are satellites to Best Laid Plans. If you like original characters and want to know how and why they interact with the team, they'll hopefully answer some of your questions. Team members do appear in them, but are not the main focus.

And somewhere in here is the end of the TV series. Be warned - canon is over. From here on, the universe may not finish the story in the same state it started out in.


And now for something completely different...

Make your own G-Forcer. Instructions for how to knit your very own 10" tall version of Mark in birdstyle!