Role Playing Games

What's a role playing game? Quite simply, a role playing game is a way of telling an interactive story. Most groups consist of a story teller (also known variously as "Game Master", "Keeper", "Dungeon Master" and a host of other names, depending on the game being played) and a number of players. Other than that, the components required are quite simple: imagination, interaction and a good story. Common additions to those include dice (to simulate random and unpredictable issues) and rule books.

Unlike most books, the players have the opportunity to influence the course of events, and, occasionally, turn things entirely on upside down.

Call of Cthulhu

Various Useful Information (house campaign, books real and unreal, revision notes for "Horror on the Orient Express", Character Generation rules)

Cthulhu BY EMail. I run a "by email game", of which this is the account...

Runequest (also known as Heroquest)

Runequest is a fantasy role playing game set in the world of Glorantha. The game has evolved through a number of variants, but the material here is mostly aimed at the Runequest 2 or 3 rules.

The Runethulhu pages contain some useful item descriptions, some character information and other stuff.