Captain Taylor, Turn 10

You tiptoe back to your room, avoiding at least one creaky board. Fumbling in your suitcase, you pull out your pistol,  heft it thoughtfully and return to the landing. The guard whose torch you spotted can just be seen loitering on the front porch, a half-smoked cigarette glowing gently in the darkness. The figure in the hall is just putting something back in a pocket. This motion causes the figure to turn slightly, and you realise that the figure is female. Quite definitively female with a wisp of red hair escaping from under a ski hat. Her face is shadowed. Drawing breath, you yell


The figure dives to one side behind a large potted rubber plant and then skitters off into a side passage. Cursing, you start to move down the stairs, accelerating as you realise that you can hear footsteps receding down the passage. Standing by the door, you can see that the corridor ends at an external door, now open, as well as two other doors, leading to the kitchens and conference rooms respectively, and servants stairs leading up. As you contemplate you actions, you become aware that the LED display on the door lock is flashing "9615" "9615" "9615" "9615" and the "door open" light is showing green. As you watch, the light LED display clears itself and the "door open" light returns to red.

As you consider your next action, the guard on the porch comes through the door, hand on holstered pistol. You explain the situation and he jogs down the corridor, muttering something into a walky talky. Probably German, but you're not too good with the language. Bright lights start to go on outside, and there are sounds on running feet.

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