Captain Taylor Turn 4

After a couple of drafts, you have an excellent press flyer to send out under the banner of the review. You show it to Hames, and he is delighted, though does correct a couple of factual historical errors. The results are rather as expected; a couple of reporters from major newspapers do phone about the story, but either they decided not to go with the story, or other news fills the slots. "Spotlight" prints it verbatim, along with a vitriolic editorial. In the end Hames concludes that honour has been served. With the shooting several weeks past, and no actual body, it's difficult to make a big story out of it. Hames has also learnt that the handgun in question was illegally obtained, and is no longer sure whether he wants to push the story much furtherů "Right wing reformer shoots at FBI with illegal gun!" is not such a good advertisement.

You contemplate contacting your superiors for information. Your FBI superior is, of course, Ms Malcolm. You have no INSCOM superiors at the moment, being on detachment. You do shake the trees of a few old INSCOM friends, but the results are disappointing. You eventually determine that the chips in question were probably prototype "Connors-Tyler" chips .The CT chip is experimental, and is said to be based on radically different technology to conventional silicon micro electronics. It's faster and alleged to be immune to EMP blasts. Its unique "neural net" architecture makes it capable of adapting its programming in a dynamic sense, though the programming language is said to be a real bitch to learn. Access to the CT chip is restricted to the very highest levels, and is controlled by the NSA. The things are made at a lab on the West Coast.

"You could try applying to them, " comments one of your old friends, "but I don't now whether you'll get anywhere. Of course, if you have one of these prototypes, you may be able to learn rather more. Your superior's report doesn't add much weight to your 'grave threat to national security' claims. She did speculate that it might be some sort of 'super soldier' research, and went on to comment that it was 'a surprisingly well funded set up for an individual to finance', but that only really makes it a question of industrial espionage. And no CT chips were reported or retrieved at the scene."

You put the phone down and wonder what to do next. You remember that there are also Glasser's notebooks, currently under security seal in the FBI.

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