Section 27 Dead/Retired File

Section 27 is not considered a plumb assignment in the FBI. One of the reasons is the casualty rate. Section members and spectacular other deaths are listed.

Character Player Dates Comment
Isaac "Cowboy" Cohen
Pedro Wrobel 17-Jan-2001 to
Retired, rather than dead. Never recovered from a critical anaesthetic shot to the rear end. Rumoured to walk very strangely.
Trooper Brierly
John B 20-Jun-2001 to
Part of the Special Operations Squad that boarded the SS Gabrielle. Killed when two zombies emptied their SMG magazines into his head as he peered round a corner (him having failed sneak, spot hidden and dodge rolls, the enemy rolled a pair of criticals). Ended under -80 hit points
Cpl Ian McGee
David Colvin 17-Jan-2001 to
Killed by zombies during a fire fight at the Sapphire Chemical Plant. His epitaph reads "We hold him close to our hearts."
Un-named USMC Helicopter Pilot
? 24-Oct-2001 to
An un-named helicopter pilot "borrowed" from the USMC to attack the Sapphire plant. Having had her helicopter shot down, she joined the ground assault and walked into an ambush, leading to the now infamous description that she had turned into a "red mist".
Amanda Malcolm
Cath Lay 31-Jan-2001 to
Head of section 27. Perished while closing a portal to another dimension, ironically opened by her own team. She is buried under a spherical tombstone with the epitaph "She held the gate that none may pass"
Mr Michael Ross
David Colvin 7-Nov-2001 to 
Died during a confrontation with a sword-wielding vampire in Miami. His tombstone bears crossed swords and the epitaph "He never lost his head."
Dr Harold Stoneham
John Nash ? to 5-Jun-2002 Died during a confrontation with a giant spider in a house in Twin Peaks, San Francisco. During the course of the battle, Dr Stoneham was bitten, injected with spider venom and finally shot in the back during a "friendly fire" incident. His epitaph reads "Oh what a tangled web we weave..."
Dr Steven Trevelyan
Sarah Blake 17-Jan-2001 to
Section 27 Psychologist, part time Goth and, lately, vampire. Killed in a hail of bullets as he charged a machine gun nest, safe in the knowledge that he was invulnerable... His tombstone is particularly gothic and bears the inscription "Beloved of Anna. Only truly harnessed by death".
Antowain James
Cath Lay 23-Jan-2002 to
Missing In Action. Initially an NPC, Antowain was reknowned for his helicopter flying, martial arts, coffee and glass jaw. At the point he disappeared he was rather radioactive and the host for the memories of an old vampire and an avatar of Yath-Lhi. He has no tombstone, but his parting words are reported to have been "I'll be back."


Dates are "real time", not "game time".