Section 27

Section 27 is the current house setting for the Call of Cthulhu campaign. A rather obscure section of the FBI, the group investigate the weird and wonderful cases that no one else wants. Assignment to Section 27 is considered somewhat of a punishment detail, though the section does have powerful friends... and enemies. The current incumbents re-formed the Section after the previous pair of agents went mad, set fire to all the notes and disappeared. One was later discovered living as a ghoul.

Membership of the section is diverse, ranging from actual FBI officers to members of various other agencies on secondment.

The campaign has taken the group to various parts of the planet, as well as several places that have nothing to do with this planet. They've mage it as far back as 1935 and almost made it to the twenty third century at one point.

Section 27 is loosely based on the British Sci-Fi series Ultraviolet, occasionally "Bugs" and comparisons to the X-Files are inevitable. It has its roots in the Chaosium Campaign "Beyond the Mountains of Madness", although the players only have he faintest inklings of this...