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These rules are designed to replace the standard Call Of Cthulhu character generation rules. One of my major gripes is that, under the regular rules, the highly educated professor gets a lot more skill points than the very experienced, but ill educated, private eye. These rules remove the dependence on the character's stats for the skill levels he can achieve, and offer the opportunity to speed the already swift process. They also limit the opportunity for very high skills and instead encourage broader based PC skill sets.
Characteristics Rolls:
STR: 3D SIZ: 2D+6 EDU: 3d+12 Know: EDU*5
APP: 3D POW: 3D SAN: POW*5 Luck: POW*5
CON: 3D DEX: 3D INT:2d+12 Idea: INT*5

This page is designed to aid the costruction of modern day or "Delta Green" investigators.

Doing The Numbers...

  1. Roll characteristics on the characteristics table (D = 6 sided dice, d = D3) ... use whatever fudging technique seems appropriate. My current favourite is to re-roll the lowest dice... if you want to. Of course, you may prefer your characters "as they come" or you may prefer to tinker with the stats to achieve the investigator you have in your head. Note that the values for INT and EDU have been fudged to give higher values, consitent with the generally university educated agents involved.
  2. Decide on background and select occupation (consult the investigators handbook or use one of the samples below).
  3. Skills (the list in the rule books is not exhaustive) :
    1. Either spend 300 points on Occupational skills and 130 points on Hobby skills. One point spent gives an extra 1% on the selected skill up to 50%. Each increase of 1% over 50% costs two points. For instance, increasing Library use from its base chance of 25% to 50% would cost 25 points. Increasing it to 60% would cost an additional 20 points for a total cost of 45 points.
    2. Or upgrade 4 skills to 60%, 5 skills to 40% and 6 skills to 25%. At least half the skills selected must be considered "Occupational".
    Damage Bonus:
    STR+SIZ Bonus
    2-12 -D6
    13-16 -D4
    17-24 None
    25-32 +D4
    33-40 +D6
  4. In either event, skills should reflect the character as a person, not just an investigating machine. Try to have at least one skill in the "art (wine appreciation)" vein.
  5. Select equipment and weapons (if any).
  6. War experience. Investigators with suitable age and nationality may have served in the war. See later.
  7. Compute your damage bonus by adding STR and SIZ and comparing with the damage bonus table.
  8. Hit Points = (CON + SIZ)/2
  9. Magic Points = POW

Sample Occupations

War Experience

War experience is not currently being used.

Character Sheets

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