Players Wanted

The Oxford group consists of a mix of students and ex-students. Because of this I often have an opening or two as undergraduates come and go.

The game is played on Wednesday evenings at my place, a little way north of Oxford (UK!). Lifts are usually available from the Oxford area. The game runs for most of the year, holidays permitting, and does not stop out of term time. To date the campaign has spanned ten years real time, and the game does have a common thread running through it.

We mostly play Call of Cthulhu (1920s or "modern"). The current campaign is set in the modern era, though there is currently an "off shoot" of the main campaign, run with Runequest rules, and based loosely on Glorantha. The players haven't yet figured out the connections between the two campaign arms.

Interested? Drop me a line!

Mike Lay.