Play By Mail Games

Play by Mail games are games played by mail (or email). They are often "turn based" in the sense that players send orders in that are then processed with all the orders from all the other players, and the results returned. The players then get to consider their next actions and the process repeats.

Why play PBM? PBM play allows players to play games according to their own schedules and in the absence of nearby players. With email play, your opponents and allies need not be anywhere near you.

Star Fleet Warlord

Run by Pagoda games, Star Fleet Warlord is a strategic space game. Take control of a corporation battling for economic control of a sector of space. But ships. Plot strategies. Make and break alliances. Articles and info

Star Fleet Warlord - early years


Dungeonworld is a "Play By Mail" game run by Madhouse. It is a fantasy game in which you can play a warrior, enchanter, priest or any of a number of character types. The mapped area is quite simply huge, allowing you to explore a dungeon, the upper world, Arabian Nights settings, and a wide variety of other area. You can even explore the lands of the dead.

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