What is the Apothecary?

The Apothecary is an organization of alchemists dedicated to rediscovering alchemical knowledge lost over the past few centuries. Whether your alchemists is going to sit in the courtyard, making and selling potions, or whether they intend to adventure deep into the dungeons in support of friends and colleagues, the Apothecary can help.

The Apothecary is open to any alchemist provided they are not already a member of another guild. A limited number of dungeon based enchanters may also be members if they support the activities of local alchemists.

There's an extended history of the Apothcary on the "forum" web site.

How can I join (Alchemists)?

Send an email to Belladonna (Phil Gomer) asking for the full information packet, or download the application form and send it off now!.

How can I join (enchanters)?

The Apothecary is restricted to 1 per Dungeon, but we still have vaccancies. We lack an Enchanter in just Drax and Central at the moment, though this information does change occasionally. Enchanters are full members of the guild and are expected to assist with the transport of potions and the like, especially for trades arranged via safe haven.

Why Should I Join?

In addition to the discussion list , where you can ask questions about alchemy and alchemists in DungeonWorld, the guild provides several benefits:

What's the Fellowship of the Apothecary?

As the application form says:
"By Joining the Fellowship of The Apothecary, you will be putting yourself forward, to perform tasks for The Apothecary Guild. These tasks may include hunting down sources of new Alchemicals, tracking and eliminating Dangerous Animates or Constructs, Dangerous Expeditions to new areas, or any other task. You will be expected to be available at any time, for any mission or task that is required of you. If you cannot get to a meeting point in time, funds May be made available to you, so that you do not get left behind. (Mostly joining a mission will be voluntary, but all members are expected to go on some mission. Even if it's exploring a City, or obtaining Charm Components)."
A fuller discusion of the fellowship can be found here .

Leather Apron

Leather Aprons are favoured by Alchemists and other such folk who work with alchemicals and dangerous compounds. They serve a duel purpose by being both protective and also keeping normal clothing clean and free of stains. Designed and made by the Apothecary guild, Leather Aprons are a useful addition to any alchemists equipment list. They can only be worn by Alchemists, since other professions find they interfere with their skills. Leather Aprons do not last forever, due to the general wear and tear they are subjected to. Every turn there is a small 2% chance they will wear out... if you unlucky this CAN happen on the first turn they are purchased. Equipable Area: Body. Movement Rate: Not affected. No. per Backpack Slot: 2

Defence Bonuses:- Normal=1, Fire=3, Cold=11, Chemical=7, Magical=5, Mental=0. No. Per Backpack Slot: 3

The Apothecary sells Leather Aprons here for the protection of alchemists, at a cost of 30 GPs for members and 70 GPs for non members. The order to buy an apron is 'B' '3752'. Leather Aprons, sadly, do not last forever.

Toads and Wart Cream

Dead Toad: This is the body of a dead toad. An alchemist can mash the body to make mashed dead toad, useful for certain alchemical mixes. The order to mash a toad is known only to the apothecary. No. per backpack slot:- 12
Mashed Toad: This is mashed toad. i.e. the mashed body of a dead toad. Alchemists who are members of the Apothecary guild can make mashed toad into Nessies Patented Wart Ointment. Three mashed toads makes one ointment using the order known only to the apothecary. No. per backpack slot:- 12
Wart Cream Ointment: I carefully applied Nessie's Patented Wart Ointment to my skin. Warts are, apparently, guaranteed!
Magical Effects "Warts are an unpleasant lumpy skin condition. It is said that some alchemists and witches know cures for such things, although that may, or may not, be true. " Effects were -1 appearance and +3 normal defence.

Incendus Potions

Incendiary potions may only be bought at dispensaries by members, using the "L 30" order. They can be used as a sort of grenade, or can be applied to a fire sprite (X 3241) which adds +3 damage to your sprite. Note that the sprite inconveniently de-equips itself when you do this, so remember to re-equip it!

What is Dungeon World

Dungeonworld is a play by mail game, run by Madhouse UK You direct the actions of a number of characters (warriors, priests, mages, traders and a wide variety more) as they negotiate the dangers around them. The game area is immense, running to the hugs overland and multiple level dungeons. Check out Madhouse's web site for more details .