Alchemical Items

The following is a list of known alchemical items. It is certainly incomplete, so if you find an odd item, please ask! Prices are "guide prices" because your local Alchemist may choose to make you a different offer depending on the circumstances and quantities. A blank price generally means that we have never been asked to set a price for the item.

Name Guide Price
Blue Sand  
Charcoal, bag 5
Dark Unicorn Horn 75
Dead Rat 5
Electrum Twining  
Fine Charcoal  
Fine Copper Powder  
Fine Gold Powder  
Fine Iron Powder  
Fine Lead Powder  
Fine Silver Powder  
Fine Tin Powder  
Fine Wax  
Goblin Eye Tooth 5
Holy Water  
Orc hair 5
Lizard Man Scales 5
Powdered Unicorn Horn  
Silver Net  
Simple Lens 29
Skeletal Fragments 5
Spool of Copper Wire  
Spool of Iron Wire  
Spool of Gold Wire  
Spool of Silver Wire  
Spool of Thread  
Sulpher, bag  
Vial of Ashes  
Vial of Copper Grindings  
Vial of Fine Oil  
Vial of Gold Grindings  
Vial of Iron Grindings  
Vial of Lead Grindings  
Vial of Mercury  
Vial of Rough Oil  
Vial of Silver Grindings  
Vial of Tin Grindings  
Vial of White Sand  
Zombie Chunks 5

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