Apothecary Potions

Potions are generally available from any alchemist .
Potion Cost Description
Healing 130 Heals up to 50 health.
Power 130 +3 strength boost
Iron 205 Defence Boosts (+10 Normal, +5 Fire, -5 Cold) +1 Strength, +1 Willpower, -1 Dexterity
Lead 219 +5 to all defences, +1 Damage, -1 Move
Copper 219 +15 to Fire and Cold Defence, +10 to Magic Defence
Tin 219 +30 Chemical Defence
Lunar 429 +2 Dex and +1 Move
Solar 729 +1 Appearance, +10 Magical Defence
Incendus 100 Turns your fire sprite into an incendiary sprite (increased damage while potion lasts). 
Can be thrown at an enemy for an area affect.
Wart Cream
Nessie's patented wart cream does (-1 APP, +3 Normal Defence)
Quicksilver 245 Potion of Speed (+3 Move)
Alchemists will offer a discount on multiple potions bought at the same time, though the individual alchemist may choose to require some gold up front (creating a lot of potions is an expensive business!). Please ask your local alchemist! Most alchemists will also trade items for potions, especially those connected with charm making.


Some items require special components or facilities. They are shown in blue italic. However, if your local alchemist cannot supply them, he or she can arrange for them to be delivered.
Item Cost Description
Church Candle 95 Attracts Favour from the gods, especially when lit in a church.
Boosts +5 mental defence when equipped to defence hand.
Spectacles 829 +1 Vision
Electrum Shirt ? Unknown
Iron Sash 1035 +5 Normal Defence (equips to waist)
Copper Shirt 1169
Robe of the Sun 6259
+1 to all primary stats (App, Wis etc.). Only Priests or Crusaders of Selador can wear
Robe of the Moon 3559
+3 appearance, +10 health. Only Priests or Crusaders of Bethseline can wear
Spiral Ring, Electrum 2999 +5 All defences, +1 (Willpower, Appearance)
Spiral Ring, Gold 1945 +5 All defences, +1 (Willpower, Wisdom)
Spiral Ring, Brass
Spiral Ring, star Iron
Spiral Ring, Silver 1045 +5 All defences, +1 Appearance.
Spiral Ring, Iron 399
+5 to all Defences, +1 to Strength, -1 to Dexterity, -1 to Intelligence 
Spiral Ring, Copper 399
+5 defence. +1 Dexterity, -1 (Appearance, Willpower).
Cloak of Whispers 1456 +3ish to all defence categories - see description .


Charms can only be made by an alchemist with the requisite skill and components. A quantity of gold is also required to fuel the magic process. Most alchemists will take charm components as part payment for an item. Charm making is still being studied, and more information will appear here as it becomes available. Costs are still under discussion and are strongly dependant on whether you supply your own components.
Charm Cost Equips To Description Requires
Goblin Teeth Charm
Hidden Defence Benefit (not sure what, but Steve assures us its there!) 6 Goblin Eye Teeth
Ogre Skin Belt   Waist Increases strength by 1 3 Ogre Skin Fragments
Putrid Charm   Neck +1 Str, +6 Health, reduces INT and Move 10 Zombie Chunks
Orc Knot   Finger +4 Attack 5 Orc Hair
Lizardman Scales Charm   Neck
+20 Fire, -20 Cold Defence. 5 Lizardman Scales
Rat Tail Charm     Neck
Rogues only. +3 to all defences  3 Dead Rats
Bull Charm   Neck
Warrior classes only. Health +5, Str +1, Normal Defence +5 3 Minotaur Horns
Skeletal Charm   Neck
Necromancer's only.  5 Skeletal Fragments

Paying for Stuff

Gold is always welcome, but most alchemists will accept alchemical items as part payment. This is especially true for charm making stuff - especially if you want a charm made from them. Most alchemists will also offer a "banking" system (where you can hand over the odd zombie chunk or whatever for later). Ask your local alchemist for details!

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