Throm was exploring a castle. His boss had told him to explore the castle because it was haunted. Soon he came to a chapel. There was a coffin in the corner so Throm decided to investigate. Throm recoiled in horror as the face of the vampire that built the castle stared at him! Luckily the vampire was dead. For some reason there was a wardrobe in the castle. Throm looked in but all he found was a nest of mice.

Suddenly Throm felt a sharp bite in his back. Throm spun round to find the vampire staring at him! Throm gasped. He had to find some garlic quick! Luckily there was some in the cupboard. Throm used it to scare the vampire into its coffin, then staked it. His mission had been completed...


Throm was at the airport. His boss had told him to investigate the haunted pyramid of Tuntkamen. So he was equipped with a box of matches and mummy repellent just in case. "Plane to Egypt leaves in five minutes" boomed the commentator. Soon Throm was driving his car to Giza. Throm had brought a drill with him and soon he was buzzing away to the heart of the pyramid.

The pyramid was dark and cold. It was very quiet. All Throm could hear was his own footsteps, pattering away on the stone floor. There was a metallic smell in the air, probably the sarcophagus. Throm looked around and found the sarcophagus of Tuntkamen! Throm thought it was harmless so he decided to investigate everything else. Throm felt confident that nothing could harm him here.

Suddenly Throm's confidence turned to fear as he heard a strange, soft, sad moaning coming from behind him! Throm spun round - and there was a mummy! Throm gave it a quick blast of mummy repellent and dived in his pocket for a match.

Throm chased the mummy out of the pyramid and into the Nile. But to his amazement the mummy could swim! Throm quickly set the match on the mummy and it burned to death.


Throm was taking a car to Darkwood Forest. Throm was equipped with a mistletoe plant and a little snack, as Throm was going to be there all night. Finally, Throm arrived. The silver claw of the moon poked and prodded him as he walked on into the cold night.

Throm felt scared. Everyone knows werewolves are at their very worst at a full moon. Throm's legs turned into jelly at the thought of meeting a real, hungry, scary werewolf at a full moon.

Throm was walking into the heart of the forest. The bushes were black, spiky and spine-chilling. Suddenly Throm felt a piece of fur against him, but it was only a bush. Throm heard howling noises from behind the bush. Surely that was the werewolves, howling their heads off into the night.

Throm decided to drink a doppelganger potion and then clambered up a very tall tree to investigate the werewolves. Throm jumped over the hedge and joined the werewolves. Unfortunately, the potion began to wear off and the werewolves slashed at him with their sharp claws. Throm managed to evade them by showing them the mistletoe plant. The mistletoe scared them but not for long. Then Throm tried luring them to a mistletoe tree. Then the wolves were so scared they turned into people!