The amazing journey

Ship's Log

Okay, okay, I'm not that intelligent. My name is Daniel Lay and I am 27 years old. The year is 2100. Today I saw Spain! My shipmates wanted to go to Barcelona but I said no. Our first stop is Troy. Also I saw a basking shark. It was nearly 10 metres! Amazing. Its colour was grey-blue. We hauled it on board and it actually weighed 5 tons!

Next day we continued our journey to Troy. We saw sea monster Scylla, the firebreathing Hydra with many heads and was scaly grass-green. Scylla ate me! But I shot up its stomach and it died. We had a huge dragon feast, there was liver, heart, brain and bladder on the menu! Also the teeth and claws would make great weapons!

Tomorrow we sailed up into the icy cold Charybdis. We were sucked down in the whirlpool which was many million miles down but our ship could convert into a submarine!

We fell into the whirlpool, round and round and round. I was feeling sick. Round round round. My head began to spin. Round and round and round and round, I could no longer think. Luckily my helmsman Roger knew how to stop whirlpools! He was a clever one! All you had to do was shake salt on it! And, we had some salt shakers!

And then we came to Troy!